Angel G

stars“The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney. When I walked into the gym for the first time, I immediately felt intimidated and out of my element. But I told myself “you aren’t committing to anything; you’re just gathering information.” After chatting with a coach, I decided to give it a chance, and “begin doing.” In such a short time, I have learned so much about myself through the process. The coaches all take the time to not just explain the workout but demo the movements and identify the small details that we should focus on as to avoid injury. They are always there to help modify the workouts to meet a person where they are, and not the other way around. It a community of true camaraderie and growth. As a person who never really took his fitness very seriously, I can honestly say that being a member of American Fitness Company, is just the beginning of a lifelong fitness journey!”

-Angel G.