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What makes us different

I am committed to CrossFit and changing people’s lives. We want every person that steps into our gym to become a happier and healthier version of themselves. We hope to provide them with the best hour of their day everyday. You’ll hear us say the phrase “Fit to be Free” and what we mean by that is we don’t do the stuff we do in the gym to get better at the gym. We do that stuff to get better at life outside the gym.

By coming to the gym each day, you are giving yourself the freedom to do whatever you want the other 23 hours of your day. Our goal is to allow grandparents to chase their grandkids around a little longer, to make chores around the house seem a little less daunting, to gain the mental toughness to overcome three months of quarantine during a pandemic, and to allow each and everyone of you kick ass into your 90’s!

WHY American Fitness Co??

We opened American Fitness Co with the belief that everyone – young, old, beginner, elite, recreational outdoor enthusiast, stay-at-home parent, artist, doctor, writer, executive, overweight, injured, pregnant, deserved world-class fitness.

We are the home for fitness misfits – those who believe in the CrossFit methodology, hard work, dedication, responsibility, and the power of community. We turn our heads to gimmicks, quick fixes, and fancy facades.

These are the ties that bind.

We look forward to working out. We embrace challenges knowing that we’re in an environment of people who each face their own challenges every day. We train hard and together. We eat clean because it’s our way of life. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments out of a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. We don’t go to the gym to burn calories but to challenge our body, be with our community, and feed our souls.

World Class Coaching

It’s easy to say you have experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable coaches – to deliver on that is what sets American Fitness Co apart.

At CrossFit AFCO, our team is made up of individuals who have made coaching their full-time profession. They hold numerous fitness certifications, including CrossFit Level 1, 2, and 3, as well as degrees in Kinesiology.

What makes them stand out from the rest is the application of this knowledge and a track record of helping athletes of every ability level grow, succeed, and develop day in and day out over many years.

We believe that every athlete has untapped human potential and that everyone deserves world-class coaching.

Small Class Size

In order to deliver on a promise of world class coaching we had to commit to an environment that enabled the intimate athlete/coach interactions that allow for this.

Therefore, while the gym has grown in members over the years, we have kept our class size small, to ensure each member is getting the attention they deserve.

100% CrossFit

Our coaching and application is layered on a foundation that is 100% CrossFit.

At AFC, we believe in the CrossFit programming methodology. We don’t sacrifice constantly varied programming because of workout complexity, equipment, movement difficulty, or class logistics. We make it work and our athletes are fitter for it.

Heart and Soul

There are so many things that make CrossFit AFCO unique – the community of athletes, the training space, the coaches, the environment, and the many many success stories.

Be On Time

We cover a lot in class and utilize every minute. No, we won’t lock the doors five minutes after class starts; however, if you’re late, please assimilate into class by mimicking what you see going on!

Check Your Ego at the Door

Please check your ego at the door, it’s likely to get trounced if you don’t; no one cares how much you can lift, we only care how well you can lift it. The coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future.

Introduce Yourself

Please introduce yourself to all newcomers (or someone you don’t recognize). Remember when you were the new guy or gal? A friendly introduction goes a long way. Plus, they may need to revive your unconscious body later on and “hey dude” is so impersonal.

Don't Break Down Your Equipment Until Everyone Has Finished the Workout

At AFC, no one breaks down their equipment until everyone has finished the workout. This is a common courtesy that you too will one day benefit from as everyone is last in the workout someday. You can cheer on others, grab a foam roller, or just sit and enjoy the down time, but don’t touch your equipment.

No Ghost-Riding The Barbells – Ever

Yes, we know you’re cool and we know how empowering it is to drop a barbell from overhead. You know what’s not empowering? When you barbell drops to the floor and dances into someone else’s shin injuring them for weeks. Not sure what ghost-riding looks like? Ask your coach next time in class.

Treat Empty Barbells Like They Were Your Baby

Would you drop your baby from two feet above the ground? We certainly hope not. We use an empty barbell a lot in class for drill and form work. When putting the barbell down, gently place in on the ground with the utmost care and admiration for the fine piece of equipment that is a barbell.

Check Your Surroundings and Stick to Your Equipment

The gym is not your oyster, it’s many people’s oyster. If you set up on one pull-up bar, don’t take someone else’s bar just because they’re not there. If your wallball is further away from the rest of your equipment than you would like, well then, run to the wallball, don’t use someone else’s just because it’s closer.

Kindergarten Rules Still Apply

You have to clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to get out and put away your equipment, count your own reps, get your own tissue, and clean off your bars. Plus, by carrying those huge Rogue boxes all the way across the gym you’ll gain a lot of fitness.

Keep Your Earholes Visible

Headphones are for the big box gym and lead to eye contact avoidance and individuals living in their own world. At American Fit Co, we like to talk, connect, and suffer together. Sure, you may not like the music, but if you’re working out hard enough, that shouldn’t be on your mind.

Children at AFC

Children who can hang out in the kids area or at the white desk while their parents workout are welcome to come to the gym with Mom or Dad. They are not allowed at any point to come onto the gym floor or training area. Sure we like kids; however, the safety of the children and quality of the athletes’ training environment demands this arrangement.

Go the Distance

Every athlete pushes themselves in a different way. You can scream, cuss, cry, go to your happy place, bleed, or even rest…just don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly.


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