Do the HARD thing


Do the HARD thing

Choosing health is hard. It’s a lot easier to stay at home than to drive to the gym, but once you’re here…the rest comes easy.

It’s a lot easier to go through the drive-thru than it is to cook dinner, but really it’s less time consuming to cook for yourself. 

It’s a lot easier to snooze the alarm rather than wake up right away…buttttt snoozing it causes more stress by putting you behind schedule or forcing you to rush through the morning…

Our point is, most of the challenging tasks we face in the day are actually much easier than we make them out to be.

How many times have you dreaded folding laundry, going to a social event, or to the gym and once you were there you thought, “Oh, this wasn’t so bad”?

Remember that the action of doing something hard in the moment saves you much more time later. Short-term pain for long-term gain!