CrossFit – Fri, Jan 27


CrossFit – Fri, Jan 27

American Fit Co Northwest – CrossFit


Crossfit Games Open 20.5 (Ages 16-54) (Time)

For time, partitioned any way:

40 muscle-ups

80-cal. row

120 wall-ball shots, 20/14 lb ball to 10 /9 ft.

Time cap: 20 min.


2:00 Row

30 Seconds Down Dog

30 Seconds Up Dog

30 Seconds Bottom Squat Hold

30 Seconds Hollow Hold

1:00 Row

30 Seconds Active Spiderman

30 Seconds Plank

30 Seconds Active Samson

30 Seconds Air Squats

30 Second Row


1 Minute Easy

Cue feet flat against rower.

45 Seconds Moderate

Cue sit bones on the seat to encourage a vertical torso.

30 Seconds Fast


10 Air Squats

Feet screwed into the ground.

10 Med Ball Front Squats

Elbows pointed towards the ground.

5 Med Ball Thrusters

Eyes up to encourage a vertical torso.

5 Wall Balls


10 Ring/Bar Scap Pull-Ups

Cue knuckles on top of the rings.

10 Ring/Bar Kip Swings

Cue feet together and legs long throughout swing.

2-3 Ring Muscle-Ups/Burpee Pullups