CrossFit – Fri, Jul 28


CrossFit – Fri, Jul 28

American Fit Co Northwest – CrossFit


4:00 AMRAP

10 Med Ball Hug Squats

10 Eye-Level KB Swings

10 Med Ball Strict Press

1) 10 Wall Pass Thrus

2) 10 Glute Bridges

3) 10 Prayer Squats (hold 3s in bottom)

Back Squat Prep

*go over points of performance



100 Back Squats (Bodyweight)
*Perform 5 Burpees at the top of each minute
This British Hero WOD is dedicated to Major Sean Birchall, 33 years old of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, who died in an explosion in Afghanistan on June 19, 2009. Also dedicated to Lt Paul Mervis, Robert McClaren, and Cyrus Thatcher who died in the same month.

Major Birchall was killed by an explosion whilst on patrol in Basharan, near Lashkar Gah, in Helmand province, Afghanistan. One other soldier was injured in the incident.