CrossFit – Thu, Jul 13


CrossFit – Thu, Jul 13

American Fit Co Northwest – CrossFit


4:00 AMRAP:

0:30 Cardio Movement

3/side Unweighted Turkish Get Ups

15 Jumping Jacks

5 Straight Leg Sit Ups

1) 10/side Leg Swings

2) 10/side Hamstring Sweeps

3) 10 Cherry Pickers

4) 10/leg Hip Circles (out and in)

Core Tabata:

Odd: Rotating Side Plank (reach top arm under your body then back up)

Even: Scissor Kicks

Hollow position, move legs out and in

Recovery Thursday (No Measure)

On the 4:00 x 6 Rounds
500/400m Row
20 Situps
Max Cal Bike