CrossFit – Sat, May 13


CrossFit – Sat, May 13

American Fit Co Northwest – CrossFit


20 Second Jumping Jacks

20 Second Down Dog

20 Second Right Leg Spiderman

20 Second Right Leg Samson

20 Second Right Leg Pigeon

20 Second Down Dog

20 Second Left Leg Spiderman

20 Second Left Leg Samson

20 Second Left Leg Pigeon

30 Second Down Dog to Push-Up

30 Second Air Squats

30 Second Down Dog to Push-Ups


10 Scap Pull-Ups

10 Kip Swings

5 Jumping Pullups

3-5 Pullups


5 Air Squats

Grab the floor with your toes and screw your feet into the ground.

5 Front Squats

Full grip on the bar with elbows up.

5 Push Press

Take note of the depth of the push press. This is the depth point during the thruster when we want to start accellerating the bar overhead.

5 Thrusters

Accellerate the bar at the top of the squat, not starting in the bottom.

FIVE STAR (Calories)

Teams of 3:
75 Pullups
75 Dumbbell Thrusters
75 Dumbbell Box Step Ups
Max Calorie Bike in Remaining Time